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The Baptist Church on Wells Hill

- from the 1902 Coronation Programme



Pastor—Rev. C. E. PALMER.
The Baptist Church, Wells Hill, Radstock.
THIS Church was formed in 1842, by the then resident Baptist Minister of Dunkerton, and comprised a membership of six " immersed believers," who met for worship in a hired room, on the site upon which the present Chapel stands. For a number of years the Church was dependent upon the voluntary labours of Christian workers, resident in the immediate neighbourhood, but with the advent of the Rev. J. Kempton as Pastor of the Paulton Church, a new era of revived activity, increased usefulness and of extended service was ushered in. The Church at this juncture became united with the Paulton Church, and was worked as a branch Mission Station by the Pastor and Local Preachers of that Church. It was during this period of the Church's History that the need for a permanent Sanctuary became keenly felt, and it was owing very largely to the untiring labours of Mr. Kempton, seconded by the generosity of his Church and enthusiastically supported by the friends at Radstock, that the present structure was erected.
As years went on, it became evident, that in the interest of real work, a Minister must be "called". The Rev. G. H. Lemon was appointed, and became Radstock's first resident Baptist Minister. On the removal of Mr. Lemon, the Rev. W. H. Buller was appointed as his successor, the Church, on the advent of Mr. Buller, becoming independent of the Paulton Church. Mr. Buller settled in Radstock, in 1882, and under his able ministry, extending to nearly seventeen years, much good and solid work was done, evidenced by the fact that the accommodation afforded by the original Chapel proved insufficient, and an addition to the Sanctuary was carried out. Mr. Buller, was in June of 1899, succeeded by the present Pastor,—the Rev. C. E. Palmer.
During the last two years great activity has prevailed in all departments of the Church's Work, and as the result, further extensions and improvements have been carried out. New Sunday School premises have been added, at a cost of over £600, while the Chapel has been enlarged by the addition of a gallery. The whole of the seating accommodation has been re-arranged, -Rostrum, Reredos, Baptistry, and the new Choir Stalls have been introduced, and the whole interior of the Sanctuary has been so completely renovated, re-arranged, and beautified, that we are told by those who profess to be " instructed in these things," that the Baptists of Radstock carry on their labours now, in one of the most comely and convenient, if not commodious, sanctuaries to be found in the immediate neighbourhood. S. H. W.

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